It's Time to Reimaginethe World of Social

CHAPTER 01: Welcome

The Social Layer ofCrypto Has Arrived

DeSo is the first layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to decentralize social media and scale storage-heavy apps to billions of users. Read the vision.

The first blockchainthat can disruptsocial media

The only blockchain that can power storage-heavy applications

Social applications generate a lot of data, and existing blockchains are not equipped to store & index that data.

DeSo unlocks the next frontier for blockchain infrastructure

DeSo was built from the ground up to scale one of the biggest untapped markets for blockchain: Social Media.

100% open-source & 100% on-chain permissionless data

100% of all code & data are completely open. All posts and social graphs on DeSo are stored directly on-chain.

CHAPTER 02: Learn

Go Beyond DeFi with DeSo

DeSo is the only blockchain that can power storage- heavy (infinite-state) applications by combining financial primitives with cheap content storage.

DeFi blockchains are finite-state

Finite-state apps, like DeFi, use blockchains that can only power storage-light (finite-state) applications, where data and storage stay constant with each transaction. With this approach for social, every interaction — post, like, follow, etc — would cost you $0.15+.

The DeSo blockchain is infinite-state

Infinite-state applications generate new data with every transaction that has to be stored and indexed. For example, social apps generate data with every post, like, follow, etc… DeSo is the only blockchain that can power next-gen applications like this.

Compare the costs of storing 200 characters (less than a tweet)













Read full details & calculations in our published article (see Appendix)

Content stored directly

on the DeSo blockchain

  • All profiles
  • All posts, threads & comments
  • All private messages between users
  • All likes & follows
  • All social token activity
  • All social tipping activity
  • All NFT minting & auction activity
  • All token activity
  • On-chain order-book exchange
  • All transfer activity
  • Links to all rich media (videos, images)
  • All verifications and endorsements
  • All images & videos (soon!)





Total Txn Volume




CHAPTER 03: Explore

Discover the Next Generationof Social Apps

With DeSo, you can create one profile, and take your identity, content and social graph with you across any app.


Content is stored on the DeSo blockchain, so you can own your content like you own your Bitcoin.

Decentralized identity

Your profile, followers, content and social graph carry over across hundreds of apps throughout the DeSo ecosystem.

Own your content

Your content is controlled with your public/private keys, and you can use end-to-end encryption to prevent any middle-man from seeing it.

Monetize From Day one

Start earning with new primitives like NFTs, DAOs, Crypto Tips, Social Tokens, and so much more.

CHAPTER 04: Build

Launchthe Next Big App on DeSo

The path to building the next big web3 application couldn't be easier.

// Install deso.js (Javascript SDK)

npm install deso-protocol

// Create (mint) an NFT

import Deso from 'deso-protocol'

const deso = new Deso()

const request = {

    "UpdaterPublicKeyBase58Check": null,

    "NumCopies": 1,

    "NFTRoyaltyToCreatorBasisPoints": 100,

    "NFTRoyaltyToCoinBasisPoints": 100,

    "HasUnlockable": false,

    "IsForSale": false,

    "MinFeeRateNanosPerKB": 1000,


const response = await deso.nft.createNft(request)

Develop using web2 programming languages

Interact with the DeSo blockchain using familiar programming languages like Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails, and more.

Solve the cold-start problem

Tap into an open-firehose of millions of wallets, profiles, and content from day one of launching your application.

Engage users with money-native primitives

The DeSo blockchain enables developers to build on a variety of money-native features like NFTs, DAOs, Social Tokens, Crypto Tips, Paid DMs & more.

DeSo makes it possible to

(very easily) build on-chain...

  • Social Networks
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • DAO Tooling
  • Order-Book Exchanges
  • Token-Gated Experiences
  • Creator Monetization Tools
  • Social Analytics
  • Fundraising Platforms
  • End-to-End Encrypted Messengers
  • NFT Minting Sites
  • Internationalized Social Feeds
  • Long-Form / Blogging Platforms

...and monetize with features like Social Tokens, NFTs, DAOs, Crypto Tips, Paid DMs, Fee-Based Transactions and more! Learn More


CHAPTER 05: Integrate

Integrate theSocial Layer with DeSo Identity

The easiest way to integrate crypto into your app today — DeSo Identity provides a self-custodial, decentralized wallet, and identity solution for developers. Learn more.

Google Login Option

For mainstream users, a one-click Google login is available with keys securely backed up to Google Drive.

Integrated with MetaMask

Provide frictionless, one-click signup to over 30+ million Ethereum users with MetaMask.

E2E-Encrypted Messaging

Thanks to DeSo's storage-heavy advantages, it's the only blockchain to support full end-to-end encrypyted messaging.

100% Self-Custodial Wallet

Your Keys = Your Content. Create a wallet using a unique 12-word mnemonic seed phrase.

Derived Keys Support

Derived keys makes it easy to issue temporary keys to enable features like subscriptions.

Looking to fund your project?

The DeSo Foundation launched Openfund, a social-first web3 fundraising platform. You can raise money by accepting ETH, SOL, BTC, DESO, USDC with support for USD treasuries.

Start Fundraising

Start Fundraising

Run your own DeSo node

Anyone can run a DeSo node and download a full copy of all the data, with real-time updates, without needing to ask for permission and without the risk of being de-platformed.

Run a Node

Run a Node

CHAPTER 06: Roadmap

ViewOur Roadmap toDecentralizing Social

See all of our exciting initiatives that are coming up — both in the immediate future and a little further out. For a more detailed view, go here.

The Social Layer of Crypto

The Internet of DeSo




MetaMask Integration



DeSo Dollar (Stablecoin)



USD Treasury on Openfund



MegaSwap Launch: Stripe for Crypto



Our Signal-Killer (On-Chain E2E-Encrypted Group Chats)



Exchange Listing Blitz for $DESO



Long-Form Content Standard



Gated Access Groups (Private On-Chain Content E2E-Encrypted)



Decentralized Verifications (On-Chain Associations)



The DeSo Wallet



deso.com Re-design



Cross-Chain Social - Integrate Wallets BTC, ETH, SOL


Q2 2024

Focus & Creator Coins v2


Q2 2024

Revolution Proof-of-Stake

CHAPTER 07: About


We're on a mission to create an internet that's creator-led, user-owned, and open to millions of developers around the world to build off one another.

Meet the DeSo team


Nader Al-Naji

[ ex-Google, Basis, DE Shaw ]

Software Engineer

Jason Mazursky

[ ex-Foundry AI ]

Growth / Ecosystem

Ed Moss

[ ex-AngelList ]

Software Engineer

Sofonias Assefa

[ ex-Meta ]

Software Engineer

Jackson Dean

[ ex-Linkedin ]

Software Engineer

Steven Zeller

[ ex-Foundry AI ]

Software Engineer

Isaac Anthony

[ ex-Cyber Security ]

Software Engineer

Piotr Nojszewski

[ Cryptography ]

Software Engineer

Stas Khorunzhyi

[ ex-Foundry AI ]

Growth Marketing Lead

Ash Ghaemi

[ ex-investor ]

Growth Marketing

Jacob Van

[ Creator (YouTuber) ]

Software Engineer


[ Early Team (Contributors) ]

Software Engineer

Red Party Hat

[ Early Team (Contributors) ]

Software Engineer

Blue Party Hat

[ Early Team (Contributors) ]

Software Engineer


[ Early Team (Contributors) ]

Software Engineer

Matt Foley

[ Early Team (Contributors) ]

Spiritual Advisor

Crypto Queen

[ Early Team (Contributors) ]

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